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I have no sympathy for you. I live in a world where I am constantly bombarded by unpleasent stimuli, much of it diliberately caused. Cigarette smoke, florescent lighting, and two months of out of the year the Salvation Army bell ringers all are as unpleasent to my nose, ears and eyes and sandpaper would be to anyone's skin. If the worst sensory stimuli you are going to be facing all day is my spelling errors, then you should thank whatever diety you believe created you.

If you compulsively spell-check every comment before posting, great for you. It's your choice, and it is a choice I would not take away from you. As for me, I don't care to spend the time. If you don't compulsively spell-check every entry, then telling me to do so shows the height of your arrogance. You're asking me to take time I do not wish to take in order to make my spelling more acceptable to you. Probably not more readable. For one, if you cannot understand that "tripple" means "triple," that's a serious problem. For two, LiveJournal isn't able to correct errors like "it's" vs. "its," or "you're" vs. "your." To paraphrase a popular diety these days, "If your eye offends thee, go fuck yourself."

You can argue that my lack of spelling skills makes me look stupid. (In fact, you're probably going to argue that my lack of spelling skills is proof that I am stupid). That my quantified IQ scores, especially my verbal IQ, is statisticly likely to be higher than yours does not matter. I don't messure a person's worth as an individual by their IQ. One of the major reasons it does not matter to me is that I am autistic, and proud of it. Although most autistics have good spelling skills, my subtype of autistic, the Hyperlexic, has an amazing vocabulary (mine measured in the 98th percentile), but poor spelling skills. Asside from this issue, I also stim. Some people would argue this makes me look stupid. Many people spend thousands of dollars to prevent their offspring from stimming, and some people justify this by saying that stimming causes bullying, just as my spelling causes spelling flames. I also have typical autistic dyspraxia, which again could be argued "makes me look stupid." Thing is, I wouldn't want to be friendly with anyone who would make fun of my stimming, the way I move, the way I talk, or any of the other semi-obvious autistic things about me. All making fun of my spelling communicates to me is that you are the kind of person who makes fun of other people. While bad spelling is a cognotive disability, making fun of people is a moral failure. Many people would argue that of the two, the latter is both easier to correct and harder to tolorate in an individual.
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On October 18th, 2006 12:13 pm (UTC), ideationbaby commented:
Holy Shit that's an awsome post... !!!
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